Mar 22, 2010

what's next?

i'm revising bck my random wishlist , ngeeeeheeee.
krabi DONE, and what is next?
start thinking of goldcoast for next, hehehehhe .. ohh jatuh chenta lagik.
tp mgkn lmbat lagik kot, nxt year kumpui duit!

 jatuhh chennta.

and i heard Apple is abt to launch new feature iPhone by this coming June *grinnn.
maka dgn ini kena kumpui det jugak, haishh.
Rmai yg duk promote blackberry bold, tp takpe lah, kumpui det dlu mane mampu (-_-")

jiwa kacau, ngeee

Ya ampunnnn .. time's running soo fast, and nw we'r already at final week of March! Ohh happy belated bigday to March dudes and babes!!

Myself and kumbang had discussed abt our 'half bigday' thingy - weeee!
Its quite tough to handle rupanya, after almost 7yrs of official relationship .. now i realized bukanlah mudah utk 'berkata-kata' ceewaahh. I respect for those hv gone thru this for their very own sweet next step. After days (selamat tak makan minggu) confronting each other, things now getting easier, Alhamdulillah .. rs lapang sket dada nieh. Ohhh really cant wait for our 7th year anniversary!

So start mgu nieh dh penuh semangat waja (kenapa mesti waja? taruk laaa semangat city ke, civic, atau lebih kiut semangat kancil. hihihihih) .. dgn pesiapan mana yg patut .. patut ka?
Dengan starting yang ini, not sure whether this suits my tanned (hihiihih) skin or not.

its turquoise .. hurmmm.
Gasak laaa. Later i'll try tengok, alahai *hati gusar.



ReD MaryJane said...

pick the date oredi?? perhaps i can save a date! but i cant promise anything. kerja menggila! MENCIK

Puan Jiha said...

madi...weehuuu =)

cik madihah said...

maryjane: date tun dh ade, cuma bigdate tu still with 2 option, nnt finalize i'll let u knw
jiji : weeeeeehuuuuuuuuuuuu.