May 5, 2010

go green .

no no no im not into either green or blue political things, hehehehe, kan satu malaysia.

im standing (ecehhh..besemangat) to support committees on spreading environmental message, yeahh go green.
Yea, i've got mine .. wht abt u? -mcm ada unsur riak sket, kohkohkohkohkohhh .

here we go, designer reusable bag - spreading the eco-friendly message with style! By envirosax.

For more design, visit here
I bought mine at Ikano Kota Damansara for MYR20++, cant remember the exact.
Every saturday is no-plascticbag day for selangor and kl (not sure tho abt kl), will be no problemo to me coz i hv mine, kehkehkehkehkeh .. itu pon klu ade tinggal dlm keta and bring along during shopping at mall.

go grab one, and go green!

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