May 7, 2010

seriously .

I had quite long phone conversation with my friend, yesterday during office hour (aishh).
She had a small arguement with her best friend who is also my friend .. (ok i have no label of best friend, kesian kan). For me its jst over a very little thing, but for some people they take this seriously.

As my simple advice to her, whatever other people think of you is none of your bussiness. Yes i am serious. Sometimes we are in family even get jealous with each other, inikan pula rakan sebaya mahupon tidak sebaya yg tidak mempunyai pertalian darah daging. Its the matter how you handle things.  

Yes, dont take yourself so seriously, because no one else really does. Apa yang cuba aku smpaikan? Aku pon kurang jelas. But hey, enjoy the nice quote hehehehe. Ok ok serious,  eh eh dont take things so serious.

 isnt life is abt gambling? i dont belive in such things (-_-)

Kadang² masalah cemburu ni for me its normal. Deep inside, aku ni rs bersyukur kepada Allah SWT sbb dikurniakan kurang berperasaan terhadap orang lain. You have good job, Alhamdulillah..rezeki masing². You have good family & friends, Alhamdulillah rezeki masing². Then kenapa mesti nk dengki kalau dia akan kahwin dlu? Adakah kau akan bahagia kalau kau kahwin dlu drpd dia? I jst dont get the point of this kind of jealousy. For me, do believe in rezeki, because every single things Allah gives to us, no matter good or bad are for reasons. Yerp semuanya ada hikmah & takdir tersendiri. Rezeki kau lebih utk kerjaya, mgkn kurang utk fmily ke. Rezeki kau lebih utk kahwin dlu, mgkn kerjaya kau biasa saja. Kalau kau nk cepat² sgt kahwin semata nk berlawan², adakah terjamin kau bahagia? Eh eh, kenapa fokus aku terjurus pada kahwin nieh? Eh eh. Kalau kau punya segalanya..bersyukurlah teman.

Dont compare your life to others' .. because you have exactly no idea what their journey is all about. Each of everyone is given by Allah their own map of life, so create yours and why should care about other ppls' map or journey.

In reality, these ups and downs bring to the colorful of life. Kalau everything jst went smooth, jadi tak thrill pulak life ni kan.

Jadi bersempena hari Jumaat yg penuh dgn kemuliaan, penghulu segala hari.. jum pegi breakfast dlu, hehehehe. Selamat menjalani kehidupan ini kawan², panjatkan kesyukuran kepada Allah SWT dgn limpah kurnia rezeki-Nya terhadap kita.

i do enjoy my very own sweet colorful of life

Yes, i'm reminding esp to myself.
Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

p/s: Happy birthday to my big brother! Luv u so much!



ReD MaryJane said...

(ok i have no label of best friend, kesian kan)


Ms. Blume said...

ya laa, korg sume ade bff, aku tadek..sian aku.

weih itu bukannya point aku, pointnya psl life and nice quote tu la, aishh ade ke situ pulak

kakak0kie said...

buatla shout box..:P
'Dont compare your life to others' .. because you have exactly no idea what their journey is all about' sila jgn jelez kpd yg menyanyi suara sedap & pandai main gitar..:P