May 17, 2010

love love love

weekend was as usual, extremely hectic but absolutely FUN!
i had 2 small gathering at the same day, missing them like hell.
 - my highschool friends during wanie's bigday, the girls siap nangis² b4 balik..sbb sgt terharu after 10yrs nvr met.
 - my mechi's friends at nite during futsal and supper..ini tak rendu sgt hahahaha.
worth spending time smpai melupakan pakcik kumbang.

 amboi tersengehh nyahhh.

But deep inside, i feel bit frustrated coz not able to turn up on my Lela's bigday in Bidor.. sbb my prtner in crime kena kija, i btul² segan klu meredah sensorg, gilo kau makan knuri sensorg.

Sunday started quite late, aheeeee, skip breakfst and i cooked lunchy!
Udang masak smbal, ayam bbq and ayam goreng kunyit. My kumabng bought ikan keli bakar + air asam to complete our lunchy meals!

And i continue my hunting .. which end up with nothing.

Looking for nxt weekend for another hunting .. and hope to spend time with my kikien for ayam penyet.



Puan Jiha said...

wah cik madi makin rajin masak la... practice eh..hehehe dah tak lama kan

Anonymous said...

wah i wish if u still in penang rite now. so can cook for me for the weekend.ngehehehe

Ms. Blume said...

hahahah mane ade rajen, sekali sekala jaa ubah angin.
Faiz, nape dlu kt umh penang aku jrg sgt masak eh..hurmm ptt asah bakat dr awal, hihihihi.

@mira said...

nk ayam penyet jugak!!!!hehehe

Ms. Blume said...

Jummmmm wiken for penyet!